Understanding the A.Q. Initiative

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Understanding the A.Q. Initiative

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Keener Intelligence is based on a theory I developed that I call the "Actualization Quotient" of human intelligence.

From over decades of applied character development, I have determined that our standards of human intelligence are failing us in fundamental ways. In fact, our current measurements of intelligence, the I.Q. and even the E.Q., are flawed and cannot carry the day.

To wit, have you ever considered that some of our highest I.Q. peers can be geniuses yet are completely self-destructive in their actual lives? They smoke and drink excessive alcohol, shoot drugs, etc. What they were actualizing just didn’t work to sustain their life, to forward life. In other words, they took not very intelligent actions.

Intelligence always forwards life! Intelligence always says YES to more aliveness.

We progress to the more recent evolution of Intelligence, to the "E.Q." or emotional Intelligence, which has great merits, and yet, have you ever met a person who was highly "E.Q'd" in areas of their life, such as a psychotherapist or healer, who was codependent as all get-out in their personal life? They occur as drained to themselves, have chronic fatigue, etc. (I used to be one!) Again, this does not actualize intelligence, doesn’t truly foster more aliveness for that person. So we need something else frankly, something more intelligent as a way of defining intelligence, so we can train and develop our future generations toward that.

Enter the Actualization Quotient or "A.Q.", which relies on advanced brain training for constant integration, upgrading and renewal of the mind and consciousness. How do we know it is the way to evaluate human intelligence? Because it measures what we are manifesting in any given moment: healthy, intelligent thoughts, or low energy, negative and draining thoughts. Another way of looking at it is that since we create our reality though our consciousness, what level of consciousness are we in, from moment to moment? Fight or flight? Us versus Them? What are we actualizing, connection or separation?

The body is the direct feedback loop for our A.Q., and can never NOT be that feedback loop. As Deepa Chopra so elegantly stated, "The body is always eavesdropping to our consciousness." Therefore, if we are struggling with health or mental health issues, there will be an element of consciousness that is incongruent with Vitality, Aliveness and Development and which can only be resolved through conscious growth. THE BODY CANNOT LIE!

We all want to have amazing bodies, without a doubt. Here you will find conscious choices to help your process.

This website is designed to be a place where Intelligence grows, yours and mine. The standard is clear: Fostering more Aliveness/Intelligence.

I will be adding audios and videos to keep us all engaged. Welcome!

(For more on Advanced Brain Training, please Click Here.)