How To Stay In Character Development

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How To Stay In Character Development

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The only way to continue to increase your brain power and consciousness is through a steady approach to life as ALWAYS IN DEVELOPMENT. In other words, when life presents a challenge or a so-called obstacle, we have to train ourselves to see it as an opportunity for growth and increased adaptability. Then we can have a different perspective with the so-called problem, and use brain training to come up with our perfect, custom solution.

The fuel for this process is Self-Love. There must be an abundant supply of this Love, which includes Compassion for Self and Forgiveness of Self. However, sometimes we can begin the developmental process through a love for humanity, and develop the self-love along the way. I think this is how I began, way back in the early 1980's.

I learned that we have to be willing to give up practically everything we think we know about ourselves in this process, as the bulk of our thoughts are products of a hive mind, or certainly products of our ego, which only traffics in duality and separation. Hence, our belief systems will become suspect as we move ourselves along the continuum. "Why do I think this?" and "Who said so?" become more normal questions, as we discover that a great deal of who we think we are is simply trauma-based egoic constructs to keep the Status Quo. Part of our evolution, then, is to identify old belief systems (note that Belief Systems is B.S.!) so we can move in a different direction, take a new action step. This is how it works, simple and yet, not easy. Your Actualization Quotient depends on the discipline of Brain Training! The more you brain train, the higher your A.Q. becomes.

That is why I suggest you start with a few simple steps, brain training being the first, along with simple clean ups to your diet and personal care. As you increase your brain’s neuroplasticity other changes will be smoother and easier to stabilize.