How To Evaluate Your Personal A.Q.

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How To Evaluate Your Personal A.Q.

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In order to assess your Actualization Quotient, we have to create several distinctions. First, we look at your actual life, and the different domains of life: Work/Avocation, Wellbeing, Relationships/Family/Community, Personal Growth/Character Development and Money/Material possessions.

Next, we evaluate how fulfilled we are in each domain. For example, if you are unemployed and suffering over it, that would mean you are unfilled in the work domain. Perhaps you are in a great and exciting new relationship, have plugged into your local community, have close friends; you would be very fulfilled in that domain.

You can assign percentages based on 100% being the most possible fulfillment. The goal here is to increase your percentage, knowing that you likely won’t reach 100% for a long time, (if ever) but that things are more fulfilling along the way.

Your Actualization Quotient will be the total level of fulfillment in each domain, as these are the read outs of our consciousness. We have to be honest about our levels and take responsibility for the fact that we are generating everything actually. So when a challenge arises, we approach it with the willingness required to brain train through it, and create a solution that is a win-win-win.