How Do You Eat?

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How Do You Eat?

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This is a short article to provoke thoughts around your eating style, to determine whether it actually supports your well being or detracts from it.

You see, it isn't just about WHAT we eat, or even about how to combine what we eat, it is also about HOW we actually eat. Let's take a look at the actual science of eating.

Humans/Homo Sapiens evolved eons ago, as hunter-gatherers. That literally meant they were eating plants, tubers, primitive acorns, and meats. There was no microwave oven or even a fire to heat up and soften the foods. As a result, early humans had to chew a lot.

Chewing the food gave an important signal, through the salivary glands, to the pancreas, which then secreted the appropriate digestive enzymes for the stomach to use. Further, around 20 minutes after the meal, the stomach secreted hydrochloride acid, to break down the tougher proteins like meats.

Note: That I put the above scenario in past tense, and that is because very little of that happens anymore with modern eating!

With modern foods, processed, soft and cooked, very little chewing is required. To make it worse, very few of us chew adequately and often put way too much food into our mouths per bite with modern forks and spoons. Then we wash it down with our beverages.

If you read my earlier article on Proper Food Combining, Simple Food Combining for Optimal Digestion you can quickly see what I mean. How we eat is paramount to ensuring that we breakdown our precious fuel sources properly for optimal absorption.

So, take smaller bites. Chew thoroughly. Breathe, and put the fork or spoon down in between bites. You are not a wild animal in survival!
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