Keener Intelligence - Beauty / Clean Skincare

Keener Intelligence - Beauty / Clean Skincare
Keener Intelligence - Beauty / Clean Skincare

Starting in the early 1980’s, living in Austin, Texas (Birthplace of Whole Foods), I became impressed and excited by the small companies making and launching organic personal care products into the marketplace. True pioneers. Using essential oils, natural extracts, beeswax, etc., made so much sense to me, versus chemical toxins to create suds or smells!

We are fortunate, that in today’s world, a company exists that has brought this same approach into the next millennium, and does so in such a way that I couldn’t help but share them with YOU.

Conscious businesses aren’t abundant out there, and I will only bring you high-value, high energy products. Beauty Counter has it all from notable environmental and chemical consciousness, to their global consciousness for humanity and the planet.

The products perform incredibly well, are so well thought through that we cannot help but be empowered.

Plus, they have a 60-day money back guarantee on every product.

Go forth with Beauty! Browse with this link

Keener Intelligence - Beauty / Clean Skincare Keener Intelligence - Beauty / Clean Skincare Keener Intelligence - Beauty / Clean Skincare Keener Intelligence - Beauty / Clean Skincare Keener Intelligence - Beauty / Clean Skincare
Keener Intelligence - Beauty / Clean Skincare

Keener Intelligence - Beauty / Clean Skincare

Keener Intelligence - Beauty / Clean Skincare

Keener Intelligence - Jessie Keener N.D. - My Skin Story
Jessie Keener N.D. - My "Skin" Story
Read this article in the Forum and be a part of the discussion: My "Skin" Story

My first chronic ailment was eczema, which would flare up on my face, above my eyes, corners of my mouth and at my ear lobes, itching like crazy. It started when I was around 12, and I was prescribed Cortisone creams on and off until I met my mentor, Dr. Theresa Dale, when I was 26. The situation could be quite painful at times, not to mention embarrassing as it was right there, on my face.

Dr. Dale immediately set me straight about skin care. She explained that there were basically no healthy regulations in the personal care industry in the U.S. and unless and an ingredient was banned, it could be used! She went on about the dyes, made with heavy metals and fragrances containing formaldehyde and explained how these would create excitotoxicity to the body, and could even help cause cancer. Theresa even coached us on sunscreens, (this was way back in the Eighties) and explained that zinc oxide was the safest, that the chemical ones likely would cause cancer later, over time.

She had me change my deodorant to an all-natural deodorant, so I could start detoxifying all of the aluminum I had storing inside of me, thanks to antiperspirant use since age 14. She explained that even makeup companies like Clinique still used toxic ingredients and that every commercial company out there did! Sadly, there weren’t a lot of good options in the beauty industry back then.

Unfortunately, the amount of chemicals in personal care products has only geometrically increased since then. Now we are used to fragrances in everything from laundry detergent, and dishwashing soaps to shampoos, body washes, conditioners and styling products. The vast majority of these fragrances are still preserved with formaldehyde. Yes, that’s right; the stuff mothballs are made of. It is legal, so why not?

I recently found a company that matches my core values on every level when it comes to skincare and beauty products. I have to admit, I am hard on products. I want them clean, not "green-washed," with sneaky little things that are suspicious. They have already banned (in-house) 1800 ingredients that are simply NOT safe. How refreshing, and cutting-edge. They are literally leading the way in the industry. They also are huge on responsible sourcing and sustainability, so there is integrity everywhere you look.

I know anything they come out with I can use and it will be safe, not create a reaction but even better is that these products perform. I am not going to recommend less than that, across the boards.

About Dr. Keener Jessie has been a Breath Work healer and Naturopathic Physician since 1987, callings she has given her all to. As with many other healers, Jessie lost her own health when she was a young adult and entered full-blown menopause along with fainting spells and severe pain syndromes in her early 20’s. She was fortunate to meet a world-class Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD., who took her case and resolved it over a 2.5 year period of time. Dr. Dale had assured Jessie that she would be able to have a child, which Dr. Keener went on to do!

Fully inspired by her experience with natural medicine, Jessie got her degree in Naturopathic Medicine and has practiced for over 3 decades, integrating conscious breath work with Naturopathy. Her vast knowledge of what actually works has proven to be life-changing for thousands.

She has hosted her own TV Health talk show, and done hundreds of radio and podcast interviews.

Dr. Jessie is a dedicated educator and facilitator for true health. (website) She is married and resides in Central Texas, USA.