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Beauty Counter is the Best Outlet for Clean Skincare.

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Can Brain Training Restore your Brilliant Mind?

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Like any good shaman, professional speaker, or righteous warrior, my mother always answered questions with questions. We promise not to do that here.

Click this link: Contact Dr Jessie by registering as a new user on her Forum. She will be in the Forum answering questions.
How can I receive Dr. Keener's Crypto Currency?
When you purchase anything from Dr. Keener you are eligable for Eight (8), of her Coins per dollar spent. created Eighty Eight Billion (88b), Coin/Tokens with awesome graphics for her. You can get yours today just by contacting
How can I see & purchase one of your NFTs?
As you can see by going to this link: - We are not ready with any NFTs just yet and when we are you will be able to see everything in her collection here. You will be able to purchase them with ETH - DAI - USDC - REVV - or Credit Cards

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