Keener Intelligence - Body Mastery
Keener Intelligence - Body Mastery

When I was growing up, I was super athletic, had tons of energy, and succeeded in pretty much anything I tried as far as sports and activities. However, when I went off to college, I started having a great deal of difficulty sleeping, and then a pain syndrome kicked in to my low back, and I fell into a depression. No one really knew what was wrong with me; blood tests and x-rays looked normal, but believe me, I was miserable.

When I met my mentor a few years later and went to work for her, she opened up an entire Universe of possibility with my body that I never dreamed was available. She talked about rebuilding my organs and glands, detoxifying years’ worth of poisons from old vaccinations, the fillings in my teeth, etc. and promised me that all of my conditions could be reversed.

Hence began my journey with Body Mastery, which I am still on, and will be sharing with you in these articles.

Keener Intelligence - Body Mastery Keener Intelligence - Body Mastery Keener Intelligence - Body Mastery Keener Intelligence - Body Mastery Keener Intelligence - Body Mastery
Keener Intelligence - Body Mastery

Keener Intelligence - Body Mastery

Keener Intelligence - Body Mastery

Keener Intelligence - Dimensions of Wellness
Keener Intelligence - Body Mastery - Dimensions of Wellness
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One thing that used to standout for me when I initially met with a new client was how they really didn’t have a relationship with well-being. They didn’t actually know what health was. Their relationship with sickness, being overweight, feeling
Keener Intelligence - Dimensions of Wellness
Keener Intelligence - Dimensions of Wellness
constantly drained was very well developed, but when I asked them about the flip side, they usually only got as far as "relief," or "freedom from __________."

Of course, I was the same way, long ago at the age of around 25, when I learned that health was not "the absence of disease," rather it was "a state of complete physical, mental and spiritual freedom," or years later, as the WHO stated, "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being."

So, in order to have a relationship with our well-being, it is helpful to break wellness down into different dimensions in order to better define it first. Dr. Peggy Swarbrick ( developed a framework titled, "The Eight Dimensions of Wellness," and I find that this interconnected model helps create the proper perspective:

This is "The Eight Dimensions of Wellness" list.

  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Intellectual
  • Physical
  • Environmental
  • Financial
  • Occupational
  • Social

I think you will agree that this is a comprehensive bird’s eye view, and one that has a great deal of potential power to it. One of the keys to developing that power is respecting the inter-relatedness of each dimension, as they cannot be separate. Yes, we can work on them separately, yet ultimately we must integrate them fully into our being. That is when we are optimally well, or fully Actualized as a human being.

The fuel for this process, what keeps us going, is self-love. That is the cornerstone of how we stay in the game, and without it we only achieve low levels of wellness in the categories. I always told my clients, "It is a game of self-love. It looks like taking supplements, changing our diets, creating different habits but underneath it all, it’s a game of self-love."

I personally find that conscious breath work, along with the cognitive technology over at to be a magic formula to keep me winning in the self-love game. As long as I am stable and in my flow state, I am operating out of love. The moment I realize I have "fallen” from that graceful state", I implement a tool to quickly re-center myself and get back into that exquisite state of well-being.

Once I started to achieve a certain state of freedom, particularly in the emotional and physical categories, I wanted more and more of it, and wanted to protect what I had earned. A more balanced Jessie then became more capable of doing things like extended breathing sessions, fasting, and other things that enhanced my consciousness, and progressed me spiritually. I started to seek out other people, who wanted to do the same types of breath work, and yoga, etc., which enhanced my social health. And so on from there, I am still developing my dimensions, which are likely infinite in possibility.

 Dimensions of Wellness Keener Intelligence - Body Mastery  Dimensions of Wellness Keener Intelligence - Body Mastery  Dimensions of Wellness
 Dimensions of Wellness

 Dimensions of Wellness

 Dimensions of Wellness

Keener Intelligence - The Pandemic in Our Guts!
Keener Intelligence - Body Mastery - The Pandemic in Our Guts!
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Over the past 40 years of practicing natural medicine, I have seen some epidemics come and go. When I first started out, as the patient, I was diagnosed with something called “Colon Dybiosis,” or “Intestinal Permeability,” by my mentor Theresa Dale, Ph.D. This phraseology has morphed into what today we call “Leaky Gut Syndrome.” At that time, Theresa assured me that this was a silent epidemic, and that the medical model didn’t believe it was a real condition!
Keener Intelligence - The Pandemic in Our Guts!
Keener Intelligence - The Pandemic in Our Guts!

Fast forward to now, where it is the most dangerous and most silent PANDEMIC of them all! And, 40 years later, the medical model still refuses to acknowledge its existence, never mind the pandemic. Yet it has been written about in medical text books for a hundred years. In fact, the "Father" of medicine, Hippocrates said, "All disease begins in the gut." More than two thousand years later, scientific research has now proven he was on to something all those years ago.

So, what is Leaky gut syndrome? It is an imbalance between the "healthy" bacteria that inhabit a normal gut lining, and “unhealthy” bacteria and germs, producing a great deal of symptoms throughout the body, not just in the intestines. In fact, it has been directly linked to autoimmune disease and in my practice, is the core to all wellbeing.

When the lining of the cell walls becomes disrupted (man-made drugs, especially antibiotics and birth control pills, NOT being breast-fed, high levels of stress, alcohol, GMO foods, etc.) the cells start to swell in the lining of the gut. As this occurs, the protective membrane that separates US from our environment (food) becomes "leaky" as it separates from the swelling. This allows for the passage of all kinds of things from the intestines out into the blood. Think: parasites, yeast-fungus, and even healthy foods that are in a larger chain molecule and are simply too big for the blood.

Now the body has to go into an immune response, activate white bloods cells, and form an attack against theses "enemies." But since the leaks aren’t repaired, this continues for usually decades before real symptoms kick in from exhausting our immune response. Below is a list of some of the most common symptoms, many of which I had:

This is a partial list of symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome.

  • Celiac disease/gluten intolerance
  • Gastric ulcers
  • Joint pain
  • Infectious diarrhea
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis)
  • Small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Esophageal and colorectal cancer
  • Allergies and Food Sensitivities
  • Respiratory infections
  • Acute inflammation conditions (sepsis, SIRS, multiple organ failure)
  • Chronic inflammatory conditions (such as arthritis)
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Obesity-related metabolic diseases (fatty liver, type II diabetes, heart disease)
  • Autoimmune diseases (such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, type I diabetes, Hashimoto’s and more)
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Weight gain or obesity

Here's more about some of the problems that can develop due to leaky gut syndrome:

1. Food Sensitivities
Some research suggests that Leaky gut can cause the immune system to overproduce various antibodies, which may make some more susceptible to antigens in certain foods (especially gluten and dairy). In studies involving rats and human children, leaky gut and food allergies have been linked. Allergies are believed to be one of the most common symptoms. All of my patients had to get off dairy (except grass-fed butter) and gluten, bar none!

2. Inflammation/Dis-Ease/Disease
By now, science has proven that ALL disease starts with inflammation, the silent killer. My experience with this was my chronic Eczema that I had battled for at least 10 years when I met Dr. Dale. She explained that this was a very common disorder from my gut, as well as any psoriasis, dandruff, rashes, and acne. We do not always SEE the inflammation in our body; it can be very silent and slowly building up over time, even in the brain, causing BRAIN FOG and mood disorders. Lots of doctors and their patients simply chalk this up to stress and getting older, but it is a real condition that can be healed, as I learned.

So let’s take a look at how to start the healing process. First of all, we need excellent probiotics (the healthy bacteria) to populate the gut. These typically are taken upon arising on an empty stomach, and/or at bedtime, again on an empty stomach.

Secondly we need a therapeutic process to start fixing the "leaks," and we have found that l-Glutamine, a simple amino acid, along with some other herbs is fantastic for this job.

We also need to clear our diets of the most common offenders: Anything GMO (or Commercial Grains since they are sprayed with Roundup here in the US!), Dairy (except grass fed butter) and Gluten (wheat, barley and rye). This issue with our grains being sprayed with Roundup is huge, and is creating the next pandemic of Liver disease. (More on this later) For example, commercial corn, once cut, is usually sprayed with Roundup as it speeds up the drying time, and cuts down on molding. However, Roundup should be banned here in the US, as it is in many other nations, it is a deadly poison.

If you think you have leaky gut, try these formulas from Systemic Formulas: ABC, their probiotic formulas and LGUT, their comprehensive formula to heal leaky gut syndrome. Typical doses are 1 ABC once to twice daily and 2 LGUT also once to twice daily. These formulas are best taken together, on an empty stomach, with a glass of pure (not tap!) water. I suggest staying on them for at least 3-4 months, and include the parasites detox at the Full Moon and New Moon for best results.

Since science has proven the "Gut/Brain" connection, you can watch your moods and brain chemistry improve, as well as your mental/cognitive function as the brain swelling starts to diminish. I would love to hear from you, through our Forum, as to what your results are. Remember, when you share your results, it encourages someone out there!

Click the links below and go to SYSTEMIC FORMULAS and register for a new account. When filling out the form put this code in at the bottom of the form to purchase from them. "Doctor Referral Code" Tx-cl01

Keener Intelligence - What's Really Eating You?
Keener Intelligence - Body Mastery - What's Really Eating You?
Read this article in the Forum and be a part of the discussion: What's Really Eating You?

One of the most mind-blowing things I learned early on in my recovery from my mentor, Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD, was about how parasitic infections are rampant in this country. Not only that, but our medical model completely ignores this fact. In a few moments, it will make complete sense WHY they ignore this, but first, let’s take a look at the wide range of symptoms parasites
Keener Intelligence - Parasites Are What Is Eating You
cause in their human hosts. See if you can identify with any of these:

  1. Allergies/chronic sinus/stuffy nose/runny nose (airborne, food, pets etc)
  2. Brain Fog
  3. Cancer and many other chronic diseases
  4. Chemical Sensitivities
  5. Depression
  6. Fatigue
  7. Food Cravings/Sugar and alcohol cravings
  8. Food Sensitivities
  9. Gut symptoms, IBS/Crones/gas/diarrhea/constipation
  10. Hot flashes
  11. Insomnia
  12. Joint pain and Arthritis of any kind/Fibromyalgia/wandering pain
  13. Migraines
  14. Nail biting/cuticle biting/teeth grinding/jaw clenching
  15. Nightmares
  16. Neurological disorders
  17. Skin rashes/eczema/dandruff/itchy/flaky/acne

The list is endless, honestly. So let’s think about this for a minute: in modern medicine, you may have noticed, the goal is to stop the symptom from occurring, using approved medical methods: drugs, surgery or radiation. When you realize why the American Medical Association (A.M.A) was founded by Mr. Rockefeller, it is very easy to see why proper detection and treatment of parasites would be a very large threat to PROFITS. So, they keep the public in the dark, and continue to sell medications (made mostly from petrochemicals for your allergy/constipation/migraine/joint pain, etc.; Mr. Rockefeller’s mandate to his scientists was to come up with ways to use petrochemical by-products as medicines) and keep making profits. I MEAN, LOOK AT THIS LIST AGAIN. This is most of big pharma’s income, right there. So mystery solved, it is not in their best interest to behave with integrity about the parasite issue!

Fact: all pathogens (unfriendly/toxic entities on the physical) want us eating lots of sugars!

When you study how the AMA trains doctors to test for parasites, using a stool sample and then actually investigate the science of some of the life cycles of certain larger worms that love humans, quickly we see that a stool test will miss the vast majority of larger parasites, which gestate in the mammal’s lungs.

The shocking cover-up is really vast. At first, I was really upset at how our population is literally setup for disease, including Cancer. In fact, the ammonia by-products of parasites will, over time, cause Cancer. This is not just my opinion and experience, but also that of global experts in parasitology.

This is why Ivermectin has been used around the world for decades and was the drug of choice for helping populations exposed to flood, famine, etc. rid themselves of chronic parasites. This is well-known by our CDC, and yet they continue to insist that this isn’t an American problem. Well there is, and parasites are now everywhere. In fact, the eggs from larger parasites (hookworms/tapeworms) can live outside a mammal host for up to 6 months, waiting to get inhaled into our dog or cat or our own lung system, where it will hatch, move down to the gut, start feeding and laying eggs, which then move up into the lungs and hatch out during a new moon or full moon. At these times of the month, symptoms tend to flare up and become more pronounced. Further, parasites CARRY VIRUSES.

Once parasites hatch, they immediately start releasing a chemical which makes us crave carbs or sugars. They even have a "favorite" sugar, lactose or milk sugars, which would have been how they evolved: feeding off of mammal’s milk for eons. At the same time, indigenous cultures had their herbal remedies, and all of the real healers knew sufficient herbal medicines to use when parasites were taking over a body.

Fact: Parasites also affect the mind greatly, and make it less intelligent.

Aside from creating artificial food cravings within us, they also excrete ammonia by-products as their waste material. Now, humans are designed to experience a small amount of ammonia as a result of food digestion, but too much over a longer period of time is a death sentence to wellbeing. The ammonia even penetrates our blood/brain barrier, causing our Serotonin to plummet, which makes us crave sugars! This is part of how they cause cancer, as ammonia is a known carcinogen. Science knows that sugars feed cancer, and here is a big reason why: mood swings, solved by the “reward” of sugar is practically the American way. So is cancer, sadly.

When we integrate this information with a cursory glance at the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.), full of processed carbs and sugars, daily dairy servings, it all starts to make sense. Another giant and greed-driven con: Americans are destined to be slaves to the medical model, and their toxic prescriptions.

So we need to wake up. Fortunately, there are really easy treatments to rid the body harmlessly of these beasts and start to function more outside of the Matrix. I always coach for a twice per month purge, using gentle but effective ingredients that have been proven over time. We start the formula 2 nights ahead of the New or Full Moon, take it for 5 consecutive nights, and then pause it until 2 nights before the next full or new moon. If you have never done a full parasites cleanse, you might want to go for a longer duration on the product, say 10 nights on, 5 nights off, and repeat. Then start synching up with the New and full moons after that.

The product that you can easily take is available at my portal for Professional Formulas, in my Supplement/Remedies section of Keener Intelligence Tips at Dr.Jessie.Life and is called Botanifuge. It is made for ages 12 AND up, typical dose is 2 pills at bedtime. (Remember, parasites are nocturnal and feed at night!)For children, or for those of you that prefer a vibrational remedy, the same company makes a great one for parasites appropriately called PURGE formula. It is liquid, so shake it well before using. Typical dose for adults is 15 drops before bed, and for children, from 2 drops to 10 drops depending on age/size/weight. As with all liquid homeopathic remedies, place under the tongue; do not touch the glass dropper to lips. For toddlers, it can go in a little water in their sippy cup.

Fact: Remember, your MD will not have access to this knowledge.

And in my experience, to attempt to educate my own internist was a waste of time, energy and I just leave that part out when interacting with normal MDs. There is a small pocket of Functional MDs in the country that love my talks on this matter, however. I suggest you follow a “less is more” approach with your own doctor unless they are super holistic. No good comes from them thinking you are wacky, weird, etc. and your MD is amazing for emergencies, so you want to be in rapport more than not.

Everyone is truly shocked to learn this information, yet we have to quickly get into the habit of tracking the moon cycle, taking our remedies for parasites and avoiding the sugars and dairy products that feed them so well. For nearly 40 years, in my private practice, this was the most common source of people’s ailments that I saw!

Once you have done a couple of months in a row of the parasite cleansing, please tell us your results, in the Forum and share this knowledge with the people you care about. Let’s all become more intelligent!

Parasites That Live In Your Liver Keener Intelligence - Body Mastery Parasites - Gut Tapeworms Keener Intelligence - Body Mastery Parasites That Live In Your Brain
Parasites That Live In Your Liver

Parasites - Gut Tapeworms

Parasites That Live In Your Brain

About Dr. Keener Jessie has been a Breath Work healer and Naturopathic Physician since 1987, callings she has given her all to. As with many other healers, Jessie lost her own health when she was a young adult and entered full-blown menopause along with fainting spells and severe pain syndromes in her early 20’s. She was fortunate to meet a world-class Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD., who took her case and resolved it over a 2.5 year period of time. Dr. Dale had assured Jessie that she would be able to have a child, which Dr. Keener went on to do!

Fully inspired by her experience with natural medicine, Jessie got her degree in Naturopathic Medicine and has practiced for over 3 decades, integrating conscious breath work with Naturopathy. Her vast knowledge of what actually works has proven to be life-changing for thousands.

She has hosted her own TV Health talk show, and done hundreds of radio and podcast interviews.

Dr. Jessie is a dedicated educator and facilitator for true health. She is married and resides in Central Texas, USA.