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With the advent of the Internet our lives changed for ever. And now with the advent of Blockchains of all kinds and sizes our lives are changed again forever.

Keener Intelligence - The Ascension Handbook: A Guide To Your Ecstatic Union With God
The Crypto Coders and Graphic Designers at created the graphic and coded my Coin on the Cardano Blockchain then set up my "Eternl" Cardano Crypto Coin/Token, NFT Wallet and started me on the journey to a real world, wealth building asset.

This wealth building project I have embarked on will provide Eight (8), of my Crypto Coins to all of my patrons for every dollar spent on courses, and classes on my site. You will have to have a Cardano Native Asset Wallet to receive my Coins. This Wealth Building System will provide Real World Wealth Assets in the coming years for us all.

My Crypto & NFT Specialists recommends the "Eternl" Wallet if you don't have a different one already.

It should be about a year or so before wallets on all blockchains will be able to trade back and forth with ease. If we have the ability sooner, you will find out from the Forum Updates, so please register at this link Jessie Keener N.D. Forum.

For now while the Wealth Building System is being updated when you correspond with me about any of my courses or classes I will use your email to get your wallet address after a purchase to send my Human Intelligence Specialists Coins to you. I will keep your receiving wallet address on file so when I do "Airdrops", and other things like my "NFTs" in the future you will get those also.

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Links will be active soon.

* The Bonus Content has Four (4), different Coin/Tokens created for myself and others that will be sent to you after you send us your wallet receive address. You are elligible for Eighty Eight (88), of each of the Four (4), coin/tokens.

** For the eBook it is the front cover image that is Signed & Dated by Dr. Jessie and sent along with the eBook you purchased and is suitable for printing & framing if you choose to do so. This is a popular one as it can be sent by email anywhere in the world.

** For the Paperback it is actually a paperback that is mailed to you that Dr. Jessie Signed & Dated just for you. We are only able at this time to mail into the USA & Canada.

Important Reminder: We can only send things in the mail in the USA and Canada at this time. If you live in another country we can send them to your friends and/or family in the USA and Canada to hold or bring to you at a later date.
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About Dr. Keener Jessie has been a Breath Work healer and Naturopathic Physician since 1987, callings she has given her all to. As with many other healers, Jessie lost her own health when she was a young adult and entered full-blown menopause along with fainting spells and severe pain syndromes in her early 20’s. She was fortunate to meet a world-class Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD., who took her case and resolved it over a 2.5 year period of time. Dr. Dale had assured Jessie that she would be able to have a child, which Dr. Keener went on to do!

Fully inspired by her experience with natural medicine, Jessie got her degree in Naturopathic Medicine and has practiced for over 3 decades, integrating conscious breath work with Naturopathy. Her vast knowledge of what actually works has proven to be life-changing for thousands.

She has hosted her own TV Health talk show, and done hundreds of radio and podcast interviews.

Jessie Keener N.D. is a dedicated educator and facilitator for true health. She is married and resides in Central Texas, USA.